Placing Order

If you would like to place an order, you must click to “ADD TO CART” button which you are going to see under each item. You can add there as much as items you want to buy.

On the “CART” page, you’ll see your total shopping and an active link “CALCULATE THE SHIPPING” or “CHANGE THE ADDRESS” where you can edit your shipping address. If you have a member account, you can choose one of your registered delivery addresses via the same link.

After that you must click to “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” link.

If you have a “GIFT CARD” or a “COUPON“, you can enter it on the top left side of CHECKOUT page. In the same page, you must fill the “Billing Information” and if it is different than your billing address, you must write a “SHIPMENT” address.

And finally you can choose your “PAYMENT METHOD“, then click to “PLACE ORDER” button.

In our website, we also allow our customers to discover the enjoyable way of asking for a gift from friends or loved ones : “BUY FOR ME“. Instead of a basic e-mail which includes a product link, this system allows our visitors to send the product itself with a personalized message and a template.