Our Story

What is "Bjäste"? Who are we?

Bjäste is the story of hand crafted products which, today, laid its foundation in a mountain village far, far away where we are living right now. This is where destiny throw us.

Bjäste is a magical word coming from the high and snowy mountains of Caucasus where the fairy tales used to talk about it. It means "SPRING", which heralds to "REVIVE" and "HOPE".

Bjäste is the result of knowledge that is transmitted from generation to generation since 1865. It continues to develop itself, but doesn’t forget to show its respect to nature and labour.

In brief, as the family of Bjäste, we are conveying the fineness, the quality, the originality and the solidarity through our newly designed and carefully produced different kind of articles to share with you by using old methods and modern technology.

Our Manifest

In order to leave cleaner, safer, and promising tomorrows to our children, we aim to achieve a sustainable production from today to tomorrow. In this context, starting from the design phase of our products, and during each step of this long process, from labor to materials used; we are here to offer you organic and recyclable products respectful to labor, nature, people, and life as long as possible.
Our products are priced fairly without exploiting the workforce of our manufacturers. It is our indispensable condition for our producers to ensure safe working conditions in accordance with the basic human rights. It is strictly forbidden to employ child labor and uninsured personnel. We consider our employees as our teammates who must have humane living and working conditions, but not as commodities to be exploited so that we can gain the maximum benefit.
We oppose gender, race, language, and religion-based inequalities that are common in almost every segment of economic life. Our colleagues are selected and their salaries are planned not according to their gender or other characteristics, but on the basis of merit and expertise, in a manner that guarantees minimum humanitarian living conditions.

Being aware of the damages caused by the fast fashion concept to our world and our future, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, prevent pollution of water resources, and the depletion of natural resources, we use the yarns that comply with Global Recycling Standards (GRS) as production raw materials or organic materials. We use only papers and cartons obtained from specially grown forests and we definitely prefer recyclable products in plastic and nylon derivatives that we have to use to package our goods.

As respecting to the animal rights, we do not use angora or mohair. We prefer recycled wool or we use the lambs wool collected from the farms that care about the environment and do not treat animals badly. We oppose the use of animal skins or furs for fashion. As a recycling idea, we prefer the skins of animals used in the meat industry, or use artificial leather produced with alternative methods that do not harm nature. We also only use fake furs in our collections.

We support the farmers who use organic production and traditional methods for purposes including the protection of nature and the spread of ethical and environmentally friendly production; we prioritize naturally raw materials obtained from organic production in our products.

Instead of fossil fuels that generate carbon dioxide and other types of gases, we prefer to use renewable green energy. In this direction, we even host our website on the servers that feed with solar energy or wind energy sources. We prefer cargo and shipping companies who realizes their transport of renewable energy as much as possible.

Measures Against Covid-19

Wearing Masks

All our teammates use masks, from the production line to our offices, from our warehouses to our packaging services. Free masks are being distributed so that our team can change their masks frequently.


All our working environments are regularly cleaned and frequently disinfected; our teammates, especially in production and packaging services, touch our articles only with gloves.

Social Distance

Our working areas have been reorganized in accordance with the pandemic process, and a minimum of two meters between our employees has been arranged. In addition, our common working areas are being ventilated every two hours.

Work at Home

Our office employees are provided the opportunity to work from home and our teammates in production and packaging services are working on a rotating basis in order to reduce the number of people in the common area at the same time.

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